All jewelry by Fleur Caroline is handmade in my studio in Amsterdam using the ancient techniques of the goldsmith.

In my collection you will see representations of the sun, the moon and the stars, the four elements of nature and exotic cultures. All materials used are formed by nature and the materials themselves form a big part of my inspiration as well as my travels around the world.

amethyst row

For some people, stars are just some pretty dots in the sky. For others, they represent different solar systems connected to different worlds. Each one of us gets assigned a specific starsign at birth. I made these pieces as a subtle ode to those starsigns. Each hole represents a star in the star constellation and they are aligned like they are in the sky. I make star constellation bracelets and different styles of necklaces.

Who ever said ‘less is more’ certainly wasn’t talking about stacking rings! Stacking rings are a great way to personalize an outfit. You can choose to wear them as single subtle bands or you can stack them up to form a different set every day. I make a variety of stacking delicate and solid stacking rings, sold both separately and in sets.

amethyst row

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amethyst row