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I am Fleur Caroline Wensveen, goldsmith and designer, founder of Fleur Caroline.

My love for jewelry combines art, nature and technique.

I started my business in 2014, with a background in academical linguistics, a lifelong passion for design and technique and a heart filled with warm memories from travels to remote locations around the globe.

With the ancient traditional techniques of the goldsmith, I forge all jewelry from wire and sheet metal using handtools such as a jewelerssaw, hammers, files, a torch and many tools for specific techniques, some of which I come up with and craft myself. Hand forging allows for finer and stronger pieces than casting. It also means that I am working at very close distance from the pieces and that all tiny details are a conscious decision.

I feel blessed to have a constant flow of inspiration. This might partially be due to my experiences as a traveler but also because of my eye and love for details and my dreamy and positive outlook on life. Inspiration can be drawn from anywhere but for me it is hardly ever a literal event. It tends to be based on an overall feeling, memory or vibe. In the way I express my inspirations in my work, you might notice my love for nature, the elements, light, architecture and culture. I usually do not choose to mention the inspiration as I like the thought of my pieces becoming intertwined with the life of the owners and to let their experiences decide what the pieces signify for them.

I am a firm believer in the snowball effect and I do believe a better world can start at oneself. I try to make all choices with that concept in mind and I am always trying to make small and big contributions to making my business more sustainable, more environment friendly and more people friendly. Everything in my studio is reused and recycled as much as I can and I am always looking for better options as I find it important to always keep growing. I prefer to make jewelry that lasts over disposables and I hope wearers will cherish their pieces and pass them on to generations to come.

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