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A few personal stories:

Experiences: Citaat

“Deciding on what type of rings we want to wear for the rest of our lives was a bit scary. Luckily the beautiful examples of Fleur Carolines work, and her quick and patient replies helped us a lot. The final result, of two rings that are both quite different but fit together perfectly (like us), was the cherry on top of our small and sober wedding on the last day of 2020.”


Experiences: Citaat

“I’ve never been so fascinated and in love with a piece of jewelry before. Being a nature lover, I could most identify with the forest agate and the magical lines that are uniquely captured in the stone. It’s a ring that, I am sure, will accompany me a life time and is also a personal statement of independence and individual beauty for me. I am happy that I could at the same time support a female and extremely talented jewelry maker and follow every step of the craftwork.”

Anna Evelyn

Experiences: Citaat

“How the big decisions in our life can cause great excitement but also a certain amount of tension. Am I right? And how wonderful it is then when during these times there is someone in your corner looking out for you! Providing you with much needed information. FC is there with you every step of the way. The results? Precision. CraftsWOMANship.  High quality for a decent price. Attention to detail. A refined piece of art. We are over the moon with our engagement rings.”


Experiences: Citaat

“We wanted our wedding rings specially made for us, because we found our non-standard love deserved non-standard rings. I had been following Fleurs work for a while and when I showed my partner he immediately loved it as well. I was very doubtful because there are so many options, and Fleur gave me great advise. She also told us about the origins of the palladium white gold she uses, which made us extra happy with this decision. We are still so happy with our rings every single day and I'm sure we will still be in the future thanks to the timeless and beautiful design.”


Experiences: Citaat

“My boyfriend ordered this beautiful ring and asked me to marry him. One of the best nights of my life and the ring of Fleur will always be a part of it.

When I damaged the ring because I never want to take it off, I could immediately come and Fleur would fix it for me!

I love the designs, the beautiful rough gemstones and the friendly service. Definately need some more pieces of her jewelery.”


Experiences: Citaat

"In 2018 I came across the jewelry of Fleur Caroline on Instagram. I have been following her ever since. I love her designs and the sustainable materials she works with. Nowadays I am the proud owner of a few rings and earrings made by her. I'm never taking them off and they stay so beautiful. Besides her wonderful crafting she is also a really friendly person and she's always willing to think along designing custom-made pieces. ”


Experiences: Citaat

"I ordered a ring as a gift for my mom. Fleur was really easy to talk to and helped me get from the idea of the ring I had in my head to the beautiful ring she made. My mom was over the moon with her ring. She loved the packaging as well. I highly recommend Fleur and her beautiful creations!”


Experiences: Citaat
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