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I currently work on request only so I don’t have a showroom filled with finished pieces to try on but I do offer a limited number of appointments for those who like to discuss options in person, select gemstones and / or choose dimensions, materials and finishings for important pieces.

For important deadlines, I advice to come to me at least three months in advance to allow for planning, material sourcing and crafting.

Send me a private message on Instagram to schedule a private appointment

Appointments: Tekst

To make an appointment, send me a private message on Instagram with the following information:

  • what the appointment would be for, what kind of jewelry (as detailed as you’ve gotten so far in the process), preferably illustrated with one or more photos of my work

  • what your rough budget would be for the piece(s), so that I can assess if your wishes are realistic or I can make suggestions to make them more realistic

  • your preferred date(s) and time(s)

Appointments: Tekst

Summer hiatus

For the period of the extended Summer of 2024 I'm planning my life a bit differently and therefore the appointment schedule will be on hiatus until further notice. Of course, you are still very much welcome to send me a private message on Instagram so that we can discuss options there.

​Thanks for understanding!

Short appointments for pick ups / drop offs / size selection that will take no longer than 15 minutes may be scheduled on other times / dates too, often mornings and evenings are good. (After the hiatus)

Appointments: Tekst
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