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Here's your complete guide to ordering a custom piece of jewelry.

For ordering a piece of jewelry you currently have three options:

1 - Enroll in my news letter to be updated about any special sales and concepts

2 - Ordering a piece of jewelry similar to one I have made before, customized to your measurments (easy)​ :

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3 - Ordering a custom piece of jewelry combining aspects of my designs in one unique piece (if you want to put in the work)

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How to order: Tekst

About ordering a custom piece (option 3)

There are many technical aspects when it comes to designing jewelry and I cannot expect you to take all into account however, as I am a single woman business and as I hand craft every single piece to size, there are always quite a lot of choices you can make when it comes to ordering a piece of jewelry. I will first state a few limitations, then list some of the aspects to look for to come to your custom piece.


  • I don’t cut any gemstones so we are limited to the gemstones in the shapes that I have them in. Gemstones are formed naturally in different ways so rough gemstones are always unique and certain gemstones might only be able to be cut in certain ways. Read more about gemstones on this page.

  • For a custom order, you can only combine aspects of my own designs. I never copy aspects of others and I never work from the idea of a client solely as a starting point. Reasons for this are mainly technical but I also like to stay true to my own design esthetics.

Here's a list of aspects to look for when you want to order a custom piece:

  • The metal

  • with / without gemstone

  • The type of gemstone

  • the cut of the gemstone

  • the shape of the ringband

  • the finishing / texture of the piece

  • extra design details like balls

  • the type of setting

  • the size / length of the piece

  • for earrings: will they be studs, hoops, hooks or something else?

How to order: Tekst

Ask for a quotation and place your order

The only current option for placing an order is through Instagram private messages. This way we will both see the conversation in the same way, in chronological order and we'll be able to discuss all aspects efficiently.

To ask for a quotation I need to know exactly what piece of jewelry you mean. If you're inquiring about a piece I made before, you can send me the photo, preferably using the arrow / triangle button under the post so that we can also see the text I wrote with it. If you know your measurements / ringsize, you can provide it so that I can calculate the exact price, otherwise I can give you an estimate.

If you want to change details like the ringband or the metal or a certain gemstone or finishing, please let me know in your initial request as it will most definitely change the price. Illustrating your request with photos is always the best option.

How to order: Tekst

Placing your order

To place your order when you are certain about what you want, you can send me a private message on Instagram again. It would be most convenient to have all details including your preferences and measurements ready at this point so that I can calculate the final price with the daily metal price. Just let me know what you want and I will go through all the details with you. I will write down the order, including a schematic drawing of the final piece, on a hand written order card and send you a photo of it. It is important to check if everything is okay on the hand written card as this is what I will be making.

After you confirm that everything is correct, I will ask for a down payment to confirm the order and I will give you an estimation for the timeframe in which I expect to finish your piece .

Please note that this down payment cannot be restituted in case of custom work. 

How to order: Tekst

I offer a limited number of appointments, mostly for important pieces. Go to appointments

How to order: Tekst
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