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All jewelry is handcrafted from natural materials and therefore needs to be handled with care. Jewelry should be taken off during sports, sleeping, bathing or during any other activities which may harm the piece.

Fleur Caroline doesn’t offer any warranties on normal wear and tear, nor on scratching or breaking of gemstones and gemstone-like materials, on settings and on loss of any parts / gemstones. All natural materials can break or get scratched and it is advisable to have your settings checked by a professional jeweler once a year.  Marks of wearing may add to the charm and character of the piece.

In case there is a constructional problem, please notify us immediately. We will judge what action needs to be taken and act accordingly.

If you have an accident and bend / break / scratch your piece in a way that it needs to be repaired, don't hesitate to contact me (preferably through Instagram) and I will advice you best as I can. In most cases I will be able to help you out. If it's easily resolved I may fix it for free and if it takes a bigger amount of time / resources I will ask for a fee. In some cases, I can't personally fix your piece either because it's too damaged to become beautiful / strong again or because I don't have the right tools or machines to fix it. In this case, I will try to explain to you how it can be fixed by someone else and I will try to refer you.

I do not offer repairs on pieces that I didn't craft.

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You have the right to revoke the agreement without indication of reasons within a term of 14 days.

During this term you can use this product only to a reasonable extent to evaluate the product. You are allowed to test the product similar to how you would test the product in a physical store. You can remove the product from its package, unless it is sealed (for example for earrings). Tags to ensure that the product isn’t used or warn may not be removed.

 The right of withdrawal is not applicable in the following cases:

  • Services that are already being executed with consent of the consumer, like all custom made pieces.

  • Products that have been customized for you, like pieces that are resized or altered to your specifics.

  • Products that cannot be returned due to hygienic reasons, like earrings or anything else that goes through the body.

  • Business customers.

  • Any products that are bought under the agreement that they could not be returned.

The withdrawal term expires 14 days after you or an appointed third party, other than the delivery service, received the product.

If you ordered multiple products within one order with different delivery dates, the withdrawal term passes 14 days after you received the last product of the order. If you arranged a frequent delivery agreement with us, the withdrawal term expires 14 days after you or an appointed third party physically received the product. In cases of ordered services, the term of withdrawal expires 14 after concluding the agreement.

In case of ordered services, the withdrawal term expires 14 days after concluding the agreement.

If you want to use your right of withdrawal, we request you to contact us per on Instagram if you placed your order there or else through e-mail, optionally attaching our standard form: You must send us the product within 14 days after sending the message ore-mail.

We ask of you to keep the product in its original package as much as possible when you return the product to us.


If you exercise your right of withdrawal, we hold the right to judge if your request is eligible for a refund. We will refund your payments, as soon as possible and no later than 14 days after we received the product in a good state. We will refund your order using the same payment method used to order your product(s), unless you prefer a different method. You will bear the costs for the return shipping. We estimate these costs at maximum € 150,00.

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