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To find your perfect ring size, the only option is to try on a ring with similar model (width and shape / profile) as the ring you are intending to purchase. A lot of tips and tricks can be found on the internet but measuring your ring size with string / paper / any other device will give you up to several sizes off the size you actually need.

When you found a ring with the right model in the right size, you can measure the inner diameter. Make sure that you use a proper measuring device to do so as half a millimeter difference can be a big difference when it comes to ring sizes.

If you do not have access to a ring in the right model and size, you can measure your size at a local jeweler. Most of them offer the service for free and big chain jewelers are used to people coming in to measure their size. (How else can you ask for a gift?)

I work in metric sizes (millimeters). In some countries, there are numbers or letters for ring sizes. We can find out what that number or letter signifies if we know from which country the number or letter is.

I also have a comprehensive explanation about sizes and ways to measure them in this story highlight on Instagram.

Sizes: Tekst

Necklaces and bracelets

If you are looking to purchase a necklace or bracelets, I can usually craft / provide them in different lengths. Everybody has a different size of neck / wrist so you need to try what length would be good for you. The easy way to do this is to use a piece of string with something with weight stringed on it. This can be a ring or keyring. Just measure the length of your string and let me know.

Sizes: Tekst
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